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Working on Your Behalf with U.S. Federal Agencies

Firearm Regulations Uncertainty Remains a Key Business Risk

The F.A.I.R. Trade Group works closely with U.S. federal agencies such as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and the U.S. Department of State. Our goal is to improve regulations governing the import and export of firearms, ammunition and other military articles. We've been very successful in achieving results on behalf of these industries.

Work with the ATF

Our results have translated into immediate benefits for the import community in terms of improving efficiency and economic opportunity. Previous efforts concerning ATF regulations include our work with senior ATF officials to accomplish the following:

  • Clarified the Recently Revised ATF Form 6 Permit, Which Had Caused Unnecessary Processing Delays
  • Established Clearly Defined Standards for Documents Submitted to ATF in Support of Permit Applications
  • Reclassified Highly Sought Non-Importable Firearms as Importable Curio & Relics
  • Continued Implementation of Management & Transition Issues at the ATF

Work with the Department of State

We've also worked to change the policies of the Department of State as they relate to the import and export of firearms and ammunition. Our efforts include an ongoing and cooperative dialogue with senior-level officials and political appointees at the department concerning the US origin doctrine, the Voluntary Restraint Agreement with Russia, and other issues. We are often in contact with the department concerning tariff- and sanction-related matters.

Our Washington, DC, organization keeps abreast of breaking news regarding pending regulatory action and provides the best analysis of current events on behalf of the import and export community. Our objective is to allow our members to mitigate regulatory risk through interactions with regulators. This allows us to provide a better understanding of the process, identify likely actions, and assess the impact that those actions will have on your business.

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